USMC East Coast  Drill Instructors Association
SDI/DI Quarterly Awards

"These recruits are entrusted to my care. I will train them to the best of my ability. I will
develop them into smartly disciplined, physically fit, basically trained marines, thoroughly
indoctrinated in love of the Corps and country. I will demand of them and demonstrate by my
own example, the highest standards of personal conduct, morality and professional skill."

Honor Platoon 4037, Company O
In order from left to right:
DI SSgt Gaytan, Wendy. Park City, IL
SDI SSgt Hibbert, Fina M. Fontana, CA
DI Sgt DeOcampo, Cyndell T. Pittsburg, CA


Honor Platoon 4035, Company O
In order from left to right:
DI SSgt Laugand, Tarrez J. New Orleans, LA
DI Sgt Register, Catina V. - Georgetown, SC
SDI SSgt Lawas, Tyrose A. San Fransisco, CA
DI Sgt Dewey, Maria E. Whitney Point, NY
DI Sgt McBean, Kayla M. Fort Lauderdale, FL


Honor Platoon 3061, Company L
In order from left to right:
DI SSgt Bert Ratliff , Dublin, GA
SDI Daniel Lee, Quakertown, PA
DI Sgt Reymond Benitezotero, Carolina, PR
DI Sgt Jeremy Williams, Bamberg, SC


Honor Platoon 2058
In order from left to right:
SSgt Kennett, Devin L., Noblesville, IN
SSgt Fernandez, Jose, Norwalk, CA
SSgt Olkeriil, Wiseman K., Koror, Republic of Palau
Sgt Wilson, Anthony J., Virginia Beach, VA


1st Battalion, Company C
In order from left to right:
Sgt Brennon Ryne / Bluegrass, IA,
Sgt Viccardo Streater / Charlotte, NC,
SSgt Jordan Collins / Greenville, SC,
Sgt Emmanuel EstradaQuinones / Guanica, PR


Platoon 3049, Company K

In order from left to right:
DI Sgt Icaza, Arian R., Orlando, FL
SDI SSgt Heuerman, Joshua L., Southaven, MS
DI Sgt Litton III, Donald L., Springfield, MO
DI Sgt Trujillo, Jose R., Santa Marie, CA


Platoon 4024, Company P

In order from left to right:
DI Sgt Temese, Avemaia I. (PAGO PAGO, SAMOA)
DI Sgt Youngs, Jake P. (Kelseyville, CA)
SDI SSgt Phillips, Brandon G. (PHILADELPHIA, PA)
DI SSgt Cedeno, Hector J. (Corona, NY)
DI Sgt Harris, Ty A. (Bastrop, LA)


Platoon 4022, Company O

In order from left to right:
EDI SSgt Stevenson, Shaniece S. from Brooklyn, NY.
SDI SSgt Velazquez, Alexia L. from New Haven, CT.
DI Sgt Estradarodriguez, Alejandra from Riverside, CA.
DI Aldas, Maria J. from Jacksonville, Florida.


Platoon 3040, Company I

In order from left to right:
DI Sgt Welch, Kyle S., Lubbock, TX
SDI Sgt Perkins, Williams E., St. Peters, MO
DI Sgt Evans, Darrly C., Washington, D.C.
DI Sgt Tello, Robert E., Chicago, Illinois


November Company

From Left to Right:
SSgt Espinal, Evelyn Hometown: Hollywood, FL
SSgt Graves, Megan N. Hometown: Austin, TX (SDI)
SSgt Balbaloza, Christina M. Hometown: Houston, TX.
Also on team but not in photo:
SSgt Velazquez, Zoe L. Hometown: Tarpon Springs, FL
Sgt Moses, Taylor R. Hometown: Casar, NC.



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