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Drill Instructors, we have obligations to those we have trained. We made them Marines, now they need our help again. The Wounded Warrior project is in need of your recruit training stories. We are writing a book based on a collection of Marine Drill Instructor stories where all profits go to the Wounded Warrior Program.

The stories can be the funny ones, the inspiring or even the stressful stories that you have often told those you trust with your precious memories of recruit training.

For three years we have been soliciting stories from Drill Instructors and so far we have only received stories from two Marines. One of them has submitted over forty stories that he wrote for a book of his own but is donating to this important cause.

You don't need to be a literary genius to tell the story; the chances are your writing skills are just fine. In the case you should have a difficult time with putting it down in print, no worries; we have a professional writer that will be reviewing all submitted stories. If there is recommended modifications to telling the story, those changes will be made and sent back to you for approval.

We would like to have a rough draft for final editing by early December so I ask that you set aside less than an hour in the next couple weeks to tell a story about recruit training for our book. There is no limit to the quantity of stories. As for profanity, we don't have a problem with that either. We all know it was a part of boot camp.

Please do not feel that only MCRD recruit training experiences apply, if you were a DI at ROTC, Military Academies, Marine or Navy OCS, AOCS, MARCAD, or NAVCAD, we want your stories. Feel free to include your own boot camp experience.

Finally, please share this letter and attached story examples with all Marines and Naval Officers who were Marine Corps trained; we have opened up the gates to take stories from anyone trained by a Marine DI, not just stories from the DI's themselves.

For a matter of reader context, it is requested that you end the story with your rank, name, location of story, and year so the reader can identify with the story. If you would rather remain anonymous, at least indicate your rank, year and location.

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